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Advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting


Shared hosting has its advantages and drawbacks for the site-owners which we tried to collect and list in the table below:

Shared hosting:



low cost

easier administration (for an average user) due to less available configuration options. Fewer options, less difficulty

general server configuration is decided and made by the hosting provider

server maintained by the hosting provider (e.g. Apache not starting, the OS needs updates and patches, etc.)

most hosting providers offer 1-click script / CMS installation

your website may work slowlier from time to time because of some other co-hosted website exceedingly using the server resources

you may need to optimise your scripts to prevent them from using server resources over a certain limit

you may not be able to use "heavy" scripts that require many resources; generally you're relatively limited in resources

to change a global option in the webserver / php / etc. needed by your website you need to contact the hosting provider

it's not guaranteed changing a setting in php configuration needed by your scripts is generally possible and coincides with the hosting-providers security policy

In terms of the number of characters the disadvantages of shared web-hosting outweight, however, we must say shared hosting is a really good choice for a starter website, for a general purpose CMS (e.g. Wordpress or Joomla) unless it's implicitely stated by the developers the CMS needs a bit more resources (e.g. Typo3 CMS), for a website that is visited by 500 people daily or which just represents your company online without heavy interaction with the visitors.

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