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Advantages of VPS solutions from Powerhosting

Virtual Private Servers (or VPS) are our main specialization. Our goal is to offer the most reliable VPS solutions for customers who use VPS as the platform for their web-projects.

Here is what we're proud of and what we believe allows to offer good VPS solutions:

• Xen virtualization for VPS for stability and performance.
Read more on Xen here.
• Daily back-ups of all VPS
• Back-ups stored on 3 different servers in 3 different data-centers
• KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) access to VPS (both Xen and openVZ)
• Access to the screen of the VPS even for openVZ VPS and even in case of no Internet access to the server.*

Like most other hosting company, we also offer:
• A number of control panels available to control the server
• Help in moving the website to our servers
• Managed VPS solutions and consultancy on system administration tasks
• A range of related products, such as SSL certificates, additional IP addresses.

If stability, performance and data-safety is of high importance for your web-projects, we hope Powerhosting VPS plans will meet the need well.

* Even if you cannot connect to your VPS directly, for example, in case of a network misconfiguration, you can still send commands to the server as if you were in front of the server computer and reboot the server or reinstall it. We've  developed our own control panel for the above-mentioned tasks.