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Affiliate Program from Powerhosting is an easy way to convert your online presence into a source of income.



How to activate Powerhosting.biz affiliate program


STEP1 - Go to Affiliate program page from billing main menu

partner program step 1

STEP2 - Activate Affiliate program and get your link, your account will be stored in cookies for a long time even after web-browser restarting.



What does partnership with Powerhosting give me

The Powerhosting Affiliate program is a way to:
• make money online
• monetize your traffic
• get web-hosting service for free

Who is eligible to participate in the affiliate program

Any user registered on the Powerhosting website, automatically receives an affiliate link, which he/she can use to generate income online. To participate in our affiliate program it's not necessary to have active hosting products. In other words, the affiliate program is available to every user.

How to become an affiliate

To participate in an affiliate program, you only need to register on the Powerhosting website.

Where to get my referral link

Your referral link is available from your account under Client -> Affiliate Programs -> Select the current program -> Edit -> Referral link.

How the income from the Affiliate Program is generated

The reward scheme is very simple - a new potential client (referral) follows your referral link, then orders and pays for a service - a percentage from the payment goes to the referrer * (partner).

Firstly, the commission is credited onto the partner's (referer's) internal balance on the Powerhosting website, then the funds can be withdrawn to accounts in electronic payment systems.

* Referrer is the owner of the referral link, through customers are attracted.

The commission that is paid to the referrer depends on the hosting product that was purchased by the referred customer:

Hosting - 20%
SSL - 5%
VDS - 10%
Dedicated servers - 10%
Domain name registration - 10%

Commissions are paid from EVERY the referred customer makes during an UNLIMITED period. That is we do not put limits on commissions, such as - you receive commission from from the first 3 orders of the customer, or for 6 month only, and so on - which are usually present in affiliate programs.

Funds are first credited onto the partner's account balance. They can be further withdrawn through payment systems (see "Withdrawal" below).

To view the amount accumulated through the Affiliate Program, go to BillManager -> Finances -> Affiliate program commissions.


The money earned through the affiliate program can be withdrawn to accounts in the following payment systems: PayPal, Webmoney.

The funds are available for withdrawal after every 3rd day of each new month.

Paying for services using referral earnings

The funds that has been earned through the Affiliate Program can be easily used to pay for the Powerhosting web-hosting services - all the commissions are firstly and automatically deposited onto the partner's Powerhosting balance. When paying / renewing Powerhosting services, select "Pay with funds from balance".

How the referral link works

The information about the referer (the referer ID) is storen on the potential customer's computer in a cookie after the customer follows the referer's link. Cookies from Powerhosting do not have an expiration date.

Advantages of the Powerhosting Affiliate Program

Cookies with the referrer ID do not expire, unlike most affiliate programs;
Commissions are paid from EACH payment of the referred customer, without restrictions and depending on a new order or extension of the existing one;
Special conditions of participation / additional discounts for used hosting solutions can be offered to the most active affiliates;
Web-design studios and web-developers are offered additional bonuses and special prices for web-hosting services from Powerhosting for their own and their clients' projects / websites.

How to make your referral link work and generate income

Recommend Powerhosting to friends and  acquaintances that need web-hosting service.
Place your referral link in your signature text on forums, emails, on your own site
Publish your referral link on your own blog(s)
Use banners containing your referral links on your websites / blogs / forums.


Do not use the Affiliate Program to return part of your own payments. Upon detection of such use of the affiliate program, Powerhosting reserves the right to cancel the infringing affiliate account.

Powerhosting reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program at any time without prior notice.