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Domain name registration


What is a Domain or Domain Name?

A Domain Name (Domain) is a unique name consisting of characters and (or) numbers, which is used to connect to the places / nodes on the Internet on which network resources (web sites, e-mail servers, other services) are stored. Example: www.yourname.com

Why do I need a Domain Name?

In fact, you can you have a website which is a collection of documents and make it available over the Internet without having a domain name. You can use the webserver's IP address and the website's directory to point your browser to the website. Though it's not how people can easily memorize or recognize a website.
Thus, a Domain name is needed to make sure visitors can easily access a website.
Any website has its own domain name which must be unique.

Domain extensions

Through Powerhosting customers can register a range of top-levels domains depending on the purpose / audience of the website.
Besides the traditional .com, .net, .org domains, .me, .biz, .mobi, .tel or .tv extensitons are available for your personal website, business website or industry website.
If you have a website that operates or intends to operate for different audiences from different countries, country-code domains are available for registration. Thus, through Powerhosting.biz you can register a domain name for a Germany oriented websites - .de, UK oriented - .co.uk, or you can make your website available for the Russian market through your .ru or even the cyrillic .рф domain name, or for the Ukrainian market by a .com.ua domain name.
See above for the complete list of available country code and general domain extensions which you can register through Powerhosting.biz.

How to buy a domain name

To buy a domain name / to register a domain name use the form above - choose the zone / extension you want your domain in, check if the name you want is available, and if so - just fill out the details the system will request. Buying a domain name is not more difficult than any other purchase over the Internet you've already made.

What is domain privacy

When a person purchases a domain name, he or she has to fill out his / her personal details, the information that identifies the person, such as name, address, telephone number, etc. The data is associated with the domain name and is stored with the registering authority. By default, the account holder's data is available publicly on the Internet through special whois services.

Letting everyone access the private information associated with the domain name may be unacceptable for some domain owners.

Domain privacy means that the domain owner's personal information is hidden from the public whois services. It is of course available for the regulating or law-enforcement authorities, but it's not made public. To activate domain privacy most registrars charge an additional fee, which may at times exceed the cost of the domain name itself.

Domain name transfer

If you already have a domain name but use some other services from Powerhosting as well, you may want to keep all your web assests in one place - at Powerhosting.biz. You can easily transfer your domain name from the company you originally used to register the domain name to your Powerhosting account.

The company that originally registered the domain for you is called the registrar. To transfer a domain name means to change the original registrar to another one - Powerhosting.biz, while the owner - you - remains the same.

Domain transfer service is free at Powerhosting.biz.