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you save 20%
Disk space 100 MB
Domains 1
Memory 50 MB
Clock Speed 200Mhz
Databases 3
Emails 2
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you save 20%
Disk space 500 MB
Domains 2
Memory 150 MB
CPU 500Mhz
Databases 15
Emails 15
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you save 20%
Disk space 3 GB
Domains Unlimited
Memory 300 MB
CPU 1200Mhz
Databases 30
Emails Unlimited
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you save 20%
Disk space 20 GB
Domains Unlimited
Memory 512 MB
CPU 2400Mhz
Databases Unlimited
Emails Unlimited
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Web-hosting service is available in the following locations:

usa server USA/New Jersey

usa server Russia/Moskow

usa server Germany/Frankfurt

* Daily backups do not exclude the fact that for safety of your data you must have your own backup copy of all the data you need. This is particularly important for databases since backups may fail for technical reasons or some records in the database may be damaged.
Hosting Based on CloudLinux, each hosting account has guaruanteed resources.
Newest brand Intel and Fujitsu hardware based on i7 and xeon processors.
PHP accelerators:PHP Memcached and PHP Eaccelerator. For better performance of PHP scripts.
USA, Germany and Russia Hosting Locations, fast response, speed up the sites loading
PHP Decoders: zend optimizer 3.3.9, sourceguardian, ioncube.
Joomla, drupal, wordpress, bitrix, phpbb, ipb, modx, typo3, ecommerce support
Newest stable software: Php 5.2.*, Mysql 5, phpmyadmin, apache 2
uptime 99.9% guarantee every month.
Professional Support, resolves the task as soon as possible.
SSI, SSL, Backups, unlimited ftp accounts, aditional ip addresses
more then 100 web-scripts (wordpress, drupal, joomla, ..) with automatic installation.
anti-spam filter, webmail


32 MB memcached 1€/month 1€/month 1€/month 1€/month
1 GB Disk space 2€/month 2€/month 1,5€/month 1,3€/month
IP Addresses 1,7€/month 1,7€/month 1,7€/month 1,7€/month

Webhosting service

Powerhosting offers shared hosting service on servers located in multiple locations. Specifically, you can buy hosting in Germany, hosting in the US, hosting in Russia.

Which geographical location to choose

Regardless of server location, all hosting servers offer equally high uptime, quality support and quick response time.

You might want to have an US host if you target the US audience, or hosting in Germany if you target visitors from this or neighbouring coutries. The response time from the server may be shorter if the visitors and the server are located in the same geographical region. However, the difference is at the level of milliseconds, so the difference would be little. From this standpoint it's nearly a matter of taste in what country to host your website.

Technology. CloudLinux

We at Powerhosting believe web hosting must be reliable. With this goal in mind, we only use CloudLinux operating system for our servers that provide shared hosting to our customers.

CloudLinux is a server oriented Linux-based distribution. The most notable and important feature of the OS we use on our servers is that it makes sure that every hosted website gets it's declared share of resources regardless of the behaviour of other co-hosted websites and the scripts they use. This is important for the stability of the service and the uptime of the hosted websites.

Affordable web hosting

All websites are different. And have different requirement towards the hosting server. With this in mind, we offer 4 hosting plans to meet the needs of our customers' websites, offer choice and flexibility and make web hosting affordable for the customers.

See our web hosting plans above and choose one for your own website. They differ in such parameters as server's CPU and memory (RAM) allocation, allowed number of databases, disk space.

All Powerhosting shared hosting plans include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic, ftp-accounts and subdomains.

Whether you're looking to host a blog or have quite complex e-commerce websites, there are right plans for any website type.

Hosting control panel

Each hosting plan includes an easy to understand and use control panel that at the same time offers full control over your website, such as easy creation and modification of databases, ftp-users, easy back-ups and restoration from back-up copies.

Easy CMS installation

Powerhosting is a great choice for Wordpress hosting, Drupal hosting, Joomla hosting, or actually any other popular CMS - using the hosting control panel over 100 content management systems / scripts are 1 click away. You can easily install Wordpress, or Joomla or Drupal using Powerhosting as your hosting provider. All hosting plans meet the minimum requirements for Wordpress or other CMS-es.