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How to choose a good domain name

A good domain name which is also often a website's web address is quite important for the success of your site on the Internet.

When choosing a domain name you can consider several factors:

• Good domain names are short
The most successful websites have a short address / domain name.

• Domain names should be easy to remember
If your visitors cannot remember your domain name they cannot easily come back. Not all people like or bother to use bookmarks.

• Domain names should be easy to spell
Even if your visitors memorized how your domain name sounds, if it contains some unexpected characters for them or uses hard to spell words, it'll be harder for them to find the way to your website.

• Domain names should be unique
It's actually mandatory. You wouldn't be able to register a domain name that has already been register. However, we mean the domain name should be unique as a brand, as something that identifies your company, service, product, etc. Registering a domain name that is too close to some other brand won't give you much success or credit.

• A domain name may give an idea of what the website is about
It's quite logical to give a hint in the domain name itself on what the visitors may expect from the website. Thus, "Powerhosting" means "strong high-quality performant hosting solutions" as well as "Facebook" suggests you're going to see people's faces. // Not a "must be used" approach, though. If you're Nike, you don't really need the word "shoes" in the domain name.

• Good domain names don't use numbers or hyphens
It is so. Numbers in the name make it harder to remember or may represent the domain as slangish (P0w3rhosting) or non-serious (hosting1234). Anyway, make your domain follow your brand. In this case numbers may suit - Leone1945.
Hyphens usually mean the domain name is long. Which is undesired for a potentially successful website.

Some more thoughts on choosing a domain name.

Adding keywords to domain names

Some people believe adding their best search keywords into the name would help much to SEO optimize their website.

Well, it does help, but what do such sites do with the visitors? They redirect the traffic to the main site / brand / company the name of which hardly has the keywords. Such sites usually don't suit a serious company.

Great content will do an uncomparably better job for your website's ranking in search-engines than a "SEO-optimized" domain name.

A good brand will do a better job in raising your sales and recognition among customers than keywords in the domain name.


In fact, finding a good domain name is a quite time-consuming task which also requires quite much creativity. This is also because the most common phrases and words have already been registered. However, good domain names, good websites and good companies didn't stop emerging. So with some effort, you'll have a great domain name as well.

Start being creative right now - make up a nice name, check if it's available and buy a domain name.