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What is an SSL certificate


SSL-certificates are electronic documents, confirming with the highest degree of reliability that certain transactions are related to a particular server. Also, SSL certificates create a secure channel through which data is transmitted between the client and server in an encrypted form, to prevent interception and modification of data during transmission. SSL-certificates are required to be able to use the SSL protocol on servers.

If you use a certificate not signed by a certification authority (a self-signed certificate), the visitors of your website will get warnings saying the website is not safe.

To use an SSL certificate, you must use a separate IP address for the website. Individual IP addresses are available for any hosting / servers plan from Powerhosting.

What SSL Certificates do you offer?


We offer a range of SSL certificates from the world's leading Certification Authorities. Thus, in this section, you can buy Verisign SSL, Comodo SSL, Rapid SSL, Thawte SSL or Geotrust SSL.

The certificates available on the website differ in an number of aspects.

Brand image. For example, Verisign and Thawte are perhaps the most famous brands on the SSL certificates market in the world.

Price. Comodo Positive SSL is probably one of the most affordable offers at the moment.

Certificate types and capabilities. Thus, the world-famous company Thawte offers SGC Certificates, which are suitable for older browsers for them to provide a 128-bit encrypted connection.

To view all the available SSL certificates from different providers, follow these links:

Buy Verisign SSL | Buy Thawte SSL | Buy Geotrust SSL | Buy Rapid SSL | Buy Comodo SSL.