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Terms and Conditions


POWERHOSTING.BIZ provides services to customers worldwide.
POWERHOSTING.BIZ is responsible for providing them with better services. The following guidelines are designed to provide these services.

All services provided by POWERHOSTING.BIZ, can be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data or materials in any way violates any federal, state or municipal law are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to: copyrighted material on the material we have condemned as a threat or obscenity, unlicensed software or files, or material protected by trade secret. All responsibility for the information provided on this website, which in turn are located on servers POWERHOSTING.BIZ, borne by firms, organizations and individuals who distribute this information.
Examples of unacceptable content or links:

Pirated software
"Illegal MP3'S"
Hacker programs or archives
Warez Sites

Unlimited traffic / hits, and server utilization
POWERHOSTING.BIZ are pleased to offer our clients unlimited traffic / hits, and the use of server resources. Unlimited traffic / hits are among the visitors to your website, and not to the amount of traffic / data transfer. Limiting your account in transmission / transfer of data - respectively the selected package. To preserve the integrity of our service, the following restrictions on use:

Sites with banners, graphics or CGI are using their domain used on other domains also.
Sites with immense graphic archives or galleries.
Sites offering download archives of huge, which may arise for example ZIP,. TAR,. RA. GZ.
This website provides a huge number of people in chat rooms.
Sites using more than 20% of the resources of our system.

If your site exceeds the traffic / hits, provided you have chosen a package, your account may be necessary to move to more inclusive package of services, as well POWERHOSTING.BIZ can transfer your site to a dedicated server to reduce load on the existing server. POWERHOSTING.BIZ will be the sole arbiter of what constitutes a violation of the restrictions on use of traffic / hits.

POWERHOSTING.BIZ allows customers to install their own chat rooms. You can run scripts of their chat if they are not undermine the performance of the server.

Processes / Programs
POWERHOSTING.BIZ allows you to run programs in the background, they are considered as to how much resources are used and how much RAM they need. The newly discovered cases of emergency may be requested for an additional fee to use the necessary resources for the program or the necessary amount of RAM. In the case of unacceptable increase payment program will be removed.

POWERHOSTING.BIZ currently does not allow IRC or the work of IRC-bots on their servers.

Commercial Advertising - Email
Spam, or unsolicited email sent from servers POWERHOSTING.BIZ or using an email address that is on POWERHOSTING.BIZ machines is strictly prohibited. For general information, we regard as spam any email that was sent to 10 people simultaneously, without their consent.
Sites with large mailing database should be placed on a dedicated server or VPS.

Harm server
Attempts to harm the server will be prosecuted.

Freeze / cancellation of your account
The administration reserves the right to refuse to renew hosting or hosting with no explanation.
When a client violates the rules of use hosting and client violates the rules for use of hosting after notification, POWERHOSTING.BIZ cancels the client account, without any material compensation (without refund).

Payment / Prices

POWERHOSTING.BIZ not be held responsible for losing a customer due to problems with the server.
fee is charged for each full or partial year of service. Order of service, use it less, and the subsequent failure can not be a reason for a refund.
POWERHOSTING.BIZ reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. All arrangements that existed before the price changes remain in effect until the end of the subscription period.