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Хостингу твердая пятерка, садитесь! :) Хорошая и отзывчивая тех.поддержка, которая всегда готова помочь в трудной ситуации. Пользуюсь хостингом уже более 9 месяцев и очень доволен, спасибо вам за то, что Вы есть!


Здраствуйте хочу поздравить Вас с обновлением. Замечательный дизайн, ваша тех поддержа все на на высоте .И особенно радуют цены . По прежнему остаюсь и будуоставаться вашим клиентом. С уважением Денис (Seelex.org)


My company has been working with Powerhosting.biz for about 15 months so far. Our website grew from a small one to the one that uses a separate virtual server now. My system administrators only say good things about Powerhosting. We feel part of our success is also based on the quality hosting we use. Thank you, Powerhosting!


Best quality / price ratio for VPS servers I've found so far. I use VDS 2 (xen) plan for my projects. I'm very pleased.


Powerhosting is flexible and non-bureaucratic enough. I got the parameters I wanted and I got the linux distro I wanted on my server even though it wasn't present as an option on the website without much fuss - I just contacted the support team and they adjusted things for me. Much appreciated.


I host 5 blogs with Powerhosting.biz. All work fine, no complaints. A reliable hosting provider.


My website is hosted with you, and my client's websites are hosted with you, too, because you're good. I'd put it this way.

Andriy G-ko

Good hosting, good stability and Excellent! support team who consulted my on so many matters. Great job and I'm pleased to be your customer.

Paul Luce

I've registered several domain names with your company and host my websites with you as well - I highly appreciate the fact that you offer domain privacy without charging extra money for not giving out my address to every lazy web surfer. You won't see an attitude like this from every company. Thank you.


I'm impressed. I never noticed any serious issues. I didn't even have to contact your tech support. You know, keep it this way ^^.

Rasmus J.

My little online-shop is happy to be hosted on the servers of your company as they keep it up all the time and ready to serve customers. Cheers.


Your support team is fantastic. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the help you guys offered to me when I was confused by some things related my VDS setup. I'm still learning, and with your help the process is shorter. Thank you very much.


This is what I've been looking for - a hosting with ISP Systems control panel - really easy, convenient. And I am pleased with the quality of the servers and their uptime as well.

Iurie Constaninescu

Our company is very pleased with the quality of servers rented from Powerhosting. We haven't experienced any significant problems (I'm saying so because I know how promises differ from deliveries) during the 5 months we've been using your company as our hosting provider. I recommend you to all my acquaintances.

Polina Surkova

Thank you very much. Great support, fast responses, stable servers. What else to make your customers happy? Nothing, just keep working this way.

Angus Petersson

Good job. Happy to have come across your website - my website are now really stable (I use a Xen virtual server).

Alex S.

I want to thank your support team, guys! They're always of help. And even if an issue arises, they resolve it really quickly! Keep it up!


I must say Powerhosting is a great company that is always ready to help and offer something special to their customers. Thank you for the special configuration of the dedicated server you offered to meet my needs. Great job!


I've been for 2 years with your company, and things have been smooth. I just decided to express my gratitude to the Powerhosting team that keeps my servers up and running.

LIDER reversfile.org

I am very pleased with the service provided by Powerhosting! Competent and responsive team! I am very pleased! Keep it up, lads!


From the programmer's perspective everything is fine, which include a module to fix the problem, will explain anything, everything very quickly.


EXCELLENT! I recommend! ALL completely satisfied!


I've been working with the guys for over a year. Totally satisfied with how the server runs. I am particularly pleased by technical support. Always ready to help, prompt, will advise. Keep it up! P.S. it's time to introduce membership cards with discounts for those who have many hosting plans and domain names.=)))


This site rocks.....it is the fastest and best support I've seen.


I am very pleased with everything. Security and reliability is of particular importance for me, I have tried many hosting providers, and Powerhosting is the most reliable. Prices correspond to quality as well.


I've tried many web hosts, VDS is very stable at powerhosting. Problems occur relatively rarely. Very pleased with the tech-support, they're very prompt and even on holidays issues are quickly resolved. Good luck to you, I recommend you to all friends and acquaintances.


I want to congratulate you on updating your website's design. Wonderful design, excellent customer support - all these are up the mark. What is especially pleasing is prices. I am and will remain your customer. Regards Denis (Seelex.org)


this is definitely how it should work. Quick answers to technical inquieries.


I bought VDS1 and I'm very pleased with the quality of service. The site works very stably. They also helped me to set up nginx / php-fpm for a very small fee. Excellent quality, A++++


I like the quality of the hosting, administration tools are convenient; tech. support is fast and friendly . Thank you:)


Fast and nice technical support :) converning the design - comfortable minimalism, after leaving my previous hosting provider I am very happy


2 years of perfect service, helped with dos attacks. I wish you prosperity, A+++


In my opinion PowerHosting.biz is the best hosting provider in Moldova. Prices and hosting plans are very good. I especially like the responsiveness of the support service - they have a great attitude towards the customers and work fast. Thank you very much.


good and caring technical support, fast hosting. I recommend to friends, acquaintances and everyone else


Satisfied about everything, especially the tech support! I wish all companies cared of their customers this much. Keep it up!

abzatzzz, http://wowbank.ru

Very pleased with the service, the server works fast, technical support is always there to solve any problems. I also bought several domain names and everything goes fine.

OgrE, http://cyberlife.md

Hosting is good, everything works quickly and efficiently! In comparison to host.md I used before, Powerhosting works like charm!


Excellent price and quality, they accept Webmoney as a payment method which is very convenient


1. Affordable prices 2. Responsive technical support. It's always good when you communicate to humans and not robots and don't have tp wait for a response for days.

Waet, site: http://www.ruswaet.com

Very grateful for the tech support, agents are almost always in place and always reply on time. Good luck to you and success.

mpklab.com, Crazygamer

Great Support =)

Dimtrii, site http://chronicon.ru

UI have a VDS with this hosting provider, happy about the quality - high uptime and good performance. What is particularly attractive about the VDS plans is the price / performance ratio and the fact that I can use my favorite OS - Ubuntu. I wish you every success and further progress.

mpklab.com, Crazygamer

I like the control tools on your website, but the design of the front-end seems awkward to me. I think that it should be re-designed, adding colors and styles, etc.


Thank you so much, everything is always quick and easy since I've started working with you.


Sunt foarte multumit de serviciile voastre. cel mai bun hosting dupa parerea mea.


Приятно работать, хорошая тех поддержка


Помогли с установкой установкой скриптов, всегда идут на встречу, очень качественный хостер.