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Types of hosting services

Hosting usually means using special equipment that allows serving certain content to the Internet. A hosting company is a company that lends such equipment to customers, as well as privides conditions for non-stop functioning of the service.

Web-hosting is part and a type of hosting service. So, there exist the following types of hosting:



Web-hosting is probably the most common hosting service. Web-hosting means storing a website on a webserver that runs the website and makes it accesible to all Internet users 24/7/365.

File Hosting


Web-hosting also means hosting files as every site consists inclusively of files. The difference is though that file-hosting stores files without allowing to run or execute them, just for the sake of uploading and downloading the files. This type of hosting service might be useful for persons / companies that hava large amounts of data and want the data to be available over the Internet.

Image hosting


Like file hosting, the purpose of image hosting service is to allow storing specifically images for easy access from the Internet. Might be useful in cases there are limits on the size of uploaded images or just for quick sharing of images.

E-mail hosting


As the name suggests, E-mail hosting is a type of hosting service that allows receiving and sending e-mail correspondence. E-mail hosting is a widely used service which is offered by most hosting providers.

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E-mail hosting is also often needed without hosting or having a website - for persons or companies who prefer having e-mail accounts in their own domain, not using a free e-mail service like Gmail or Yahoo mail, for instance.