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Types of Web-hosting service - shared, VPS, dedicated.


There are different websites that have different requirements. Respectively, there are different offers from hosting-provider to meet the needs of websites.

From the viewpoint of server resource allocation, there are the following types of web-hosting services:

Shared hosting - one webserver shares its resourses with multiple websites, serves multiple websites.

Virtual private servers - as a software environment, it's an independent webserver within 1 physical server. Gives full control over the settings and software to the user.

Dedicated servers - an independent separate physical computer leases by the hosting-provider to the client.

Collocation - the customer's physical computer (hardware) is stored in the hosting-provider's datacenter to benefit of the datacenter's conditions (power supply, multiple Internet uplinks, large bandwidth, optimal temperature, humidity, etc.)

Powerhosting offers all of the above-mentioned types of webhosting. To view the plans, click on the respective links:
Shared hosting | Virtual Private Servers | Dedicated servers
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