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Power Up your business with our
reliable VPS and Server Solutions

  • Every day Back-ups in different countries
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Multiple Internet links
  • Raid1 HDD mirroring


Top Virtual Servers Line for better stability with everyday backups.

Suitable for the following software:

  • Java
  • Ruby On Rails
  • OpenVPN
  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • Python/Django
  • many other software

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers with best performance / price ratio.

Power solution for:

  • Suitable mainly for big web-portals
  • E-Commerce websites
  • Social networks
  • High load web-sites

Great stabilty:

  • IPMI with KVM access
  • 1 TB HDD RAID1 mirroring.

What are VPS / VDS or Virtual Dedicated Servers used for?

Typically, a Virtual Dedicated Server is necessary for web-sites that are very demanding to server resources and use a lot of CPU time,  memory (RAM) or require additional software (Django, Ruby ​​on Rails, Python, Java and others), or need a quick response time.

What is a VPS, VDS or a Virtual Server?

The abbreviations VPS and VDS stand for "Virtual Private Server" and "Virtual Dedicated Server" respectively. Both mean the same type of virtual servers.
A Virtual Dedicated Server means that a portion of the resources of a server is dedicated to a server within the main server - VDS.  The VDS has uses a portion of disk space, memory and uses an separatae operating system on these dedicated resources.
Virtual Dedicated Servers are almost as productive as a physical dedicated server (which is a completely separate machine).
Physical Dedicated Servers are used for very large web-projects that require a lot of resources to function. The cost of virtual private servers is much cheaper than of a physical Dedicated Server.


What are the advantages of our Virtual Private Servers (VDS / VPS)?

We use only the newest tehnology:

Usually hosting providers use older technologies which means that virtual servers that are offered to customers are not actually dedicated.
The main drawback of older technologies is that the Virtual Dedicated Server acts as an enhanced chroot, where the memory is allocated to all users at once, that is there is no dedicated virtual memory, and there are problems with processes, memory, software, and many other.
When the total amount of memory is exhausted on the host server, malloc () returns an error, and user applications stop functioning.

Modern technologies that are used on our servers

Our Virtual Dedicated Servers use Paravirtualization and are virtualized by XEN software with hardware virtualization.
Paravirtualization, developed and introduced by the creators of the hypervisor Xen, radically changed the virtualization technology. The technology enables Virtual Dedicated Servers and the hypervisor (the main server) work together to achieve very high performance of I / O (Input / Output), CPU, memory virtualization. The Xen hypervisor is an ideal solution for VPS offering excellent performance. The Xen hypervisor uses less code, offers higher security and is much faster than alternative virtualization solutions.
This is a very promising product that allows you to partition a physical server into real Virtual Dedicated Servers, where you have your software, your ip address, its network interface and a dedicated memory that is free is always exclusively for your projects.

Comparison of OpenVZ and XEN:

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