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What is shared hosting


Shared hosting (or often referred to as simply hosting, webhosting or virtual hosting) is a type of web-hosting service where 1 webserver hosts multiple websites. The websites are usually stored in different partitions / places on the server's hard-drive, use different databases, ftp-accounts, email accounts which keeps them separated from each other.

However, every hosted website uses the same physical and software resources of the web-server, i.e. websites "share" the resources (which is what the name is derived from), such as the same RAM, CPU, the same MySQL or Apache server.

Shared hosting is probably the 1st type of webhosting a website owner tries due to the fact that sharing hosting is the least expensive plans and that it's generally easier to administer for the site owner.

Shared hosting is a good choice for your first website or for websites with average load and visitors flow.

Shared hosting across different hosting providers differ in a way of aspects, such as technologies used, configuration practices and selling policy (a webserver shared with too many website result in a slower connection to each separate website as the webserver gets overloaded). To find out what makes shared hosting from Powerhosting a great choice for your website, proceed to the following article - Quality shared hosting from Powerhosting.biz.

To view and order web-hosting, follow the link - Shared hosting plans.