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What is webhosting


Web-hosting is a type of service offered by hosting-providers that consists in offering the customer a webserver to store, run and make a website available to visitors connecting to it through the Internet.

A web-server is a physical computer with specific software installed on it and tailored to run websites. Web-servers are connected to the internet, represent a more powerful in terms of physical resources computer, are able to function for extended periods of time without interruption or need to be shut down, are stored in special premises maintaining optimal conditions (temperature, humidity, stable and back-up power supply, etc.)

A hosting provider is usually a company that holds multiple webservers and leases the servers' resources to the customers. The hosting provider maintains the servers, ensures they (and the websites hosted on them respectively) function continuously both physically and in terms of proper functionioning of software, resolves issues that arise and prevent the intended functionioning of webservers.

Hosting providers may also offer additional services such as data back-ups, system administration, specific software configuration, etc.

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Who needs web-hosting
Virtually any person or organization that has a website.