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What SSL Certificates are needed for

SSL Certificates are used to protect the data sent between your customers and your web-site. With an SSL Certificate all information is protected and encrypted, so anyone else can't read the information. It's highly recommended for e-commerce sites, Internet portals and sites where authorization and other sensitive data is sent.

From whom are we defending ourselves this way

With an SSL Certificate we protect our customers from hackers. They use sniffers to collect your information from the network.

What is a sniffer

Sniffer is a program that allows you to capture network traffic. When speaking about sniffers, it's possible to draw an analogy with wiretaps. Once connected to the telephone network, you can catch people's conversation. Sniffers work the same way.

What SSL certificate I should choose

We recommend at least our cheapest SSL Certificates: Comodo PositiveSSL. All SSL Certificates offer on our web-site, including Comodo PositiveSSL, use 2048bit key encryption and 256bit SSL encryption. It means even the most advanced computer can't decode your SSL Certificate.

You can buy Comodo PositiveSSL or another SSL Certificate on this page - SSL Certificates.

Why SSL Certificates have so different price ranges

SSL Certificates are used not only for encryption, but also to increase customers' confidence in your site and to protect customers from fishing and unreliable sites.

The SSL Certification Center will check your web-site before the certificate is issued. If the website looks suspicious, additional verification may be required.
The more expensive is a certificate and the more recognizable is the brand, the more will it enhance the reliability and credibility of your site.

Verisign is the most recognizable brand and the most expensive.

Comodo PositiveSSL is less recognizable and the cheapest SSL certificate.

Thawte is the second recognizable and trustworthy brand after Verisign, and it offers reliable SSL Certificates.

Thawte and Verisign SSL Certificates were the first SSL Certificates on the market.

If you still do not know which SSL to choose, please contact our Support department.