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What web-hosting solution to choose


The table below illustrates things to consider when deciding which web-hosting solution – shared hosting, virtual private server or dedicated server – is the right choice for your website.

The criteria from below take into consideration such factors as traffic the website generates and the amount of server resources needed to perform the website's tasks.


Shared hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Dedicated server

Personal websites

Small company websites

Freshly launched or small e-commerce websites


Small forum

Any website with little number of visitors per day (less than 1000).

• Medium to large e-Commerce website (many visitors, many transactions, many listed items)

• A website with many visitors per day (more than 1.000)

• Medium size forums

• Websites that run more specific applications written in Ruby on Rails, Java

• Websites used for VPN, running Forex terminals

• Game servers, minecraft servers

• Any website that needs more control, more speed, performance and security.

• Big and very big e-Commerce websites

• Websites that need a lot of CPU power (one or more processors' power) to perform their tasks

• Websites that need a lot of RAM (16/32/64 GB of RAM or more)

• Websites with huge traffic and very many visitors per day

• Websites that need very large bandwidth

• Most game servers.